Ordsall Creative Ideas

The Ideas4Ordsall project supported 20 people in the area to develop their ideas for cultural activities. These range from beehives to a history play, from craft/bike/theatre workshops to photo portraits, from stories of coal mines and WW1 war heroines to a community festival in Islington. Much to share and celebrate. Find out about each idea below:

Supported by Chris Doyle from Chapel St Community Arts

Joe Feeley: Ukulele in schools
Joe is providing taster ukulele sessions to children at St Philip’s Primary School in Islington

Verity Gardner: Islington Community Festival
Verity developed a community festival for the Islington area of Ordsall to nurture new connections and opportunities in an area which has seen significant change in the past 5 years.

Mike Kelly: Images of Ordsall
Mike is working with St Phil’s Camera Club to create a visual snapshot of the Islington area of Ordsall

Dave Peters: Theatre workshops
Dave is developing theatre workshops to run in the Cannon Hussey building in the Islington area of Ordsall.

David Winston: Exploring patriotism & Edith Cavell
David is exploring the history of World War 1 heroine nurse Edith Cavell who worshipped at the Sacred Trinity Church in Islington, Ordsall. He is presenting his research to schoolchildren, the university, church groups and others interested in Cavell’s history. If you would like to find out more from David, his email is davewinston@btinternet.com

Supported by Karen Shannon from Let’s Go

Mike Atherton and John Elliot: Pug my Film
Mike and John are supporting Lord Puglington as he explores local activities in Ordsall. More info on their work as digital artists can be found here.

 Cathy Rothwell and Angela Chadwick: Sense of Place
Sue and Kath are part of DIY Theatre creating intervention style theatre activities with the acting troupe to celebrate the Angel Centre. They have made a film of their adventures

David is working with the ‘Stitch in Time’ community group at St Clements Church, the Community Cafe and others in Ordsall to produce a washing line of memories and observations about living in Ordsall. David also paints landscapes and portraits of the area.

Ross McCormack: Bike club
Ross is running bike maintenance workshops in the community and schools

Supported by Amber Sanchez, independence artist

Marie Cash: Bee Fest
Marie is setting up bee hives at the Ordsall Community Allotments. She is buying a colony of bees and taking a course in beekeeping. She will do workshops with local children about bees. The honey to be produced and sold will go under the label ‘Cash Honey’ (her surname is ‘Cash’).

Ronnie Crowther: Ordsall Artist Collective
Ronnie has formed an art collective that meets monthly at Ordsall Community Café. This collective has popup shops opening over summer 2015 with art, workshops and demonstrations. There is a Facebook group called the Ordsall Art Collective and website http://ordsallartcollective.co.uk/

Aisling Dunne, Elaine Sands and Kate Sparks : New Barracks 25th Birthday Book
Ailsing, Elaine and Kate are working on a commemorative book to celebrate 25 years of the New Barracks Housing Co-operative.

Rosemary Swift: Ordsall History Play
Keen on genealogy and local history, Rosemary developed a Play based on factual tales of the Infantry Barracks and fictional glimpses behind the curtains of certain Edwardian houses on the Barracks Estate at the enumeration of the 1911 census. She worked with Box of Tricks Theatre Company to develop the play for a performance on Saturday, 20 June 2015 at Salford Lads & Girls Club.

Supported by Gail Skelly from Ordsall Community Arts (OCA)

Jodi Carr: Get Crafty
Jodi grew up in Ordsall enjoying craft activities at Ordsall Community Arts. She loves OCA’s craft activities so much that she decided to run a craft workshop of her own. Within 10 minutes of putting the call out, loads of kids turned up for Jodie’s very own craft workshop

Beckie Hough: Ordsall Portraits Exhibition
Beckie is developing her work as a local photographer in the Ordsall Park area. She is taking black and white and colour photo portraits of local people for an exhibition.

Nargiza Ibrahim: Ordsall Community Print Shop
Nargiza is developing a print shop to run out of Ordsall Community Arts offering printing services to the local area. She also designed the Ideas4Ordsall branding

Ray Jones: Ordsall Cooking School
Ray is working with University of Salford students to explore how to help people develop their cooking skills and draw attention to affordable, sustainable, healthy cooking ideas.

Laura Kendall: Billboard
Laura has put up a billboard in Ordsall to compliment her Facebook page On in Ordsall (558 members!) which keeps people informed of activities in the area

Shannon Randall: Ordsall Dog walking service
Shannon is developing a dog walking service in the Ordsall area

George Tapp: Ordsall’s Coal Connections & Mining Monument
George is working on the history of mining in Salford and how to share this history with the local community

Steph Vickers: Letter Press
Steph is exploring letter press technology and how it can be used.